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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerFayari
Challenge NameFull Gender-Bend BTVS
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Miscellaneous
DescriptionThere's a lot of debate about whether or not BTVS is truly feminist, as in it empowers the female as they rightly should be, or just plain sexist against men in an effort to appear feminist.

One of the best techniques to find out if something is sexist against men is to see if it is offensive if the genders are reversed. For example:

"Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them."

This seems like a mildly humorous generalist statement, but if the genders are reversed, it becomes:

"Girls are stupid, throw rocks at them."

Which, of course, would have feminists the world over calling for blood, as they should.

As such, this challenge exists. Reverse the genders of the entire BTVS cast, and rewrite the story from someone else's view other than Buffy's.

Excerpts could include something like:

The Slayer "Buff" fucking the vampiress "Spice" because he doesn't care for Spice's feelings;
The warlock "Will" trying to end the world because his boyfriend "Terry" got shot and killed;
The dark Slayer "Fabian" fucking the virgin "Xandra" and then throwing her out of his room in her underwear;

The scenarios are endless, and when the story's done, there's definitely going to be a clear sign of whether BTVS is sexist or feminist.
Challenge Date21 Apr 13
Last Updated21 Apr 13

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