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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuerarinor
Challenge NameOut of the Box
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Harry Potter
DescriptionIf you will I have an idea, and perhaps a challenge, that you might try. Specifically a "Harry Potter" in book four challenge. It is common among fanfiction that Harry, or some other principle, with try to argue against his participation by various means. Including either no actual contract or alteration of the tasks in the tournament, but always asking for someone else to act. Perhaps the author in question will have him participate but alter how this done by using minimal effort, over powering him, etc. My challenge is to render the Tournament, and its contract, moot and entirely meaningless like the fabled djinni who twisted a wish to the unmitigated detriment of the wisher.
As an example: Having Harry swear a binding oath at the beginning of the Tournament that should he, by some chance, he would stake the win, and the entire purse, on a task of his own choosing. Say a poker game.
Or something similar each task and the game as a whole. Thus it will be rendered meaningless after a bit of fleshing out; even while it continues.

For a secondary challenge do this with a series of your choice in which the characters seems "fated" or obligated by some means to a certain task. A price will be paid for this action, but seizing the authority to choose and to act and restoring ones free is always worthwhile.
Challenge Date22 Apr 13
Last Updated22 Apr 13

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