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Challenge Issuertexaswookie
Challenge NameThe Law
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Buffy-Centered
DescriptionOn Career day Buffy was supposed to have scored high in Law Enforcement. With that in mind what if Buffy had pursued a career in Law enforcement. What would her life be if she was to join some sort of law enforcement and how would it make her life as a slayer go?
There are several different Cop Shows and movie out there that you can draw your inspiration from.

N.C.I.S kind of hoping this one gets skipped as its been done enough times. It would still count though.

SHIELD-L.A used to be her home

Rookie Blue-After Sunnydale she had to find a new source of income

Grimm-A new partner for Nick or maybe a new uni

Teen Wolf-She could join the Sherrif's department

Eureka-Having a Slayer on call to deal with the problems would be useful.

Smallville-Working under the command of Maggie Sawyer

Veronica Mars-Maybe she's a new officer there

Supernatural-Maybe the brothers come to a town where officer Summers is living calling her out of retirement

The Glades-Buffy could be the new snarky cop that the team take under their wing.

Witchblade-Sara could use a partner in the know.

Haven-Another useful thing to have when the Troubles start is a Slayer

Or maybe there's some lawyer show that you can mix this with. Don't watch those to know.
Challenge Date22 Apr 13
Last Updated5 Oct 13

Challenge Responses

Response to Challenge 7477 from texaswookie -- The Law
Only the author can add chapters to this story Television > Grimm • batzulger • FR15 • Chapters [69] • Words [86,782] • Recs [22] • Reviews [521] • Hits [117,385] • Published [14 Jun 13] • Updated [31 Jul 13] • Completed [Yes]