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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerGoodfellow
Challenge NameA Different Spell
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > General > Theme: Halloween
DescriptionNathan's spell was too complex. He couldn't find a way to take control of dozens or hundreds of people, give it to dozens or hundreds of new, unique personalities that are made up right on the spot with a lifetime of memories, alter all those bodies so that they would match all those unique personalities that were made up right on the spot. He didn't have enough time to work it all out with Halloween fast approaching.

So instead he just did a switching spell. If you dressed as a princess, you would switch with a princess. A princess somewhere in the world would disappear from where ever she was and appear in Sunnydale, while you appear in her place wearing a cheap princess costume and a plastic tiara. Now that's Chaos.

But he didn't think it all the way through. What if 6 people dressed as Dracula? The vampire simply couldn't replace them all. Maybe he figured you'd just switch with other people around the world that dressed as the legendary vampire. He'd be wrong in that guess. Instead, what ends up happening is a number of Dracula's are pulled from other worlds. The one that Lugosi portrayed. One from that movie Van Helsing. One from Scooby Doo. It all depended on which one your costume most resembled. Ethan didn't plan on this. After all, think of all the power it would take to switch people from different worlds. But that's what Chaos is all about; things happening that you didn't plan for. And the Hellmouth always screws everything up.

And what if you dressed as something that didn't exist? Like a Jedi or Wolverine? Well, maybe Ethan figured that nothing would happen. You'd just get caught up in everyone changing around you. Or maybe he thought you'd just just get switched with Mark Hamill or Hugh Jackman or something. He, of coarse, was wrong. You'd actually appear on a spaceship headed for Hoth or standing amongst the X-Men.

So if you dressed as a soldier, maybe you'd just be switched with one from the nearest military base. Or maybe you'd be switched with one from a world wear guns look like short round toys, but actually shoot laser beams. If you dressed as generic vampire, maybe you'd just get switched with one somewhere in the world that kind of looks like you. Or maybe you'd get sent to the Underworld Universe.

So, that's my challenge. Write a story about that happening. Maybe Buffy switches with a princess in Sweden or something and when she finally gets back to Sunnydale, she finds it full of fictional monsters and characters. Maybe Xander dresses as Van Helsing because he feels like "A night were vampires definitely won't attack" seems way too much like an invitation for bad things to happen and wants an excuse to carry around holy water and a stake. He then finds himself in another world. It's open to a lot of possibilities.
Challenge Date27 Apr 13
Last Updated28 Apr 13

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