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Challenge Issuer(Current Donor)JanessaRavenwood
Challenge NameBackwoods Vengeance
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Movies
DescriptionCrossover: Pumpkinhead (1988 horror film)

General Plot: A few years post Sunnydale (Season 7), someone in whatever organization formed by the surviving Scoobies to succeed the Watcher’s Council comes across a report of an unusual (possibly unique) demon that briefly appeared some years ago in the backwoods somewhere in the U.S. (you pick where). Someone in this organization decides, for whatever reason, that a small team should be tasked to investigate this “cold case” as the description of the demon is fairly fearsome. The members of this team go fairly well armed and equipped, but don’t really expect to find such an elusive creature unless it helpfully decides to jump out in front of them. Naturally, as is just their luck, shortly after they arrive in this backwoods area, someone’s loved one(s) are killed and they turn to the local spooky witch, Haggis, for vengeance on the killer(s). That evening, they cannot help but notice the nervous vibe of the locals, who suddenly become even more taciturn than usual, barricade themselves in their homes and urge the team to go home. Rightly suspecting that the locals know the elusive demon is about to put in an appearance, they entrench somewhere and suit up for battle. Pumpkinhead puts in an appearance that night…

Who died? Who killed them and why? Who summoned him? Did they really understand the price they must pay for doing so? (The summoner feels the agony of each of Pumpkinhead’s victims as they are killed as if they were that person, and after the task of vengeance on all guilty persons is complete, the summoner will die and their shriveled corpse will become the next Pumpkinhead the next time it is summoned.)

Must Have: A limited number of Scoobies or Watcher’s Council type persons – a crack team of 2 dozen battle-hardened slayers clad in body armor and armed to the teeth would likely resolve the situation far too quickly. This is the story of a small number of people without magical backup and out of cell phone reception range who must deal with a vengeful demon in the woods at night on their own. This should not be a new situation for whoever you choose (pick some reasonably seasoned monster hunters from among the various Slayers and Watchers), but they will be in for a surprise when facing Pumpkinhead as it basically laughs off and/or immediately heals any physical damage sustained; only the death of its summoner can banish it (any damage the summoner sustains will be immediately mirrored on the demon’s body, which is a huge clue as to what’s actually going on – and that the summoner is ultimately doomed). Slicing it with swords, shooting it with crossbows or stabbing it through the heart with a stake just annoys it and it’s easily as strong as a slayer. This will raise an interesting question for the monster hunters – when your usual tactics don’t work, and you can’t call in the magical cavalry, what will you do? You can run away, but that means abandoning the locals to the monster, which you can’t in good conscience do. Ultimately, the team will figure out the truth and be presented with a moral conundrum – only the death of the summoner will kill the demon (immediately). This is not the usual “kill demons and save humans” scenario they’re used to. They *must* knowingly kill a plain, normal human with no supernatural powers in order to kill this demon. Will they do it?

Must NOT Have: Willow, or any other magic-user, must not be present, as this is the “quick fix” solution for this problem. For similar reasons, the Slayer Scythe or any other “Excalibur-like super-weapon” must not be present, either.

Also, please actually watch the film, don’t just read a summary. You’ll love it – it’s a cult classic and very well done (it was Stan Winston’s directorial debut and his studio did the special effects as well).
Challenge Date1 May 13
Last Updated1 May 13

Challenge Responses

Sometimes, the difference between an apocalypse and a bad day is very slight. Response to JanessaRavenwood's Pumpkinhead Challenge
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