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Challenge IssuerSongBirdie
Challenge NameA Rather Different Parentage
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category DC Universe > Green Arrow
DescriptionA Rather Different Parentage

Fandom(s) crossover with: Green Arrow, JLA, Birds of Prey

Challenge: Dinah Lance, aka, Black Canary, is Buffy's birth mother. Think about it, they act a lot alike. Dinah had Buffy young, and gave her up for adoption, to her best friend, Joyce. Joyce sent Dinah a letter before her death, telling her to look after their baby girl(s). For whatever reason, it doesn't arrive until years later, after Chosen. How will Dinah react to her daughter walking back into her life, and finding out she has another one? Did she know about Buffy being the Slayer? If so, why didn't she help her? If not, why didn't Joyce or Buffy tell her?

-Who is Buffy and Dawn's biological father? Is he a one night stand, an old boyfriend, another hero?

-How would Dawn be explained?

-Did Joyce only clue Buffy in before she died? Did Buffy always know she was adopted? If so, why didn't Buffy reach out to her birth mother?

-Dinah believed Buffy didn't have the meta-human gene. Well, what if one of Buffy's many deaths activated the dormant gene? What if the activation of the mini-slayers did?

-What would Buffy's power be? Does Dawn have any?

-How would the fact Dinah kept this secret, who now is literally here, affect her relationships with her on and off lover Oliver Queen, her surrogate children Roy Harper, Conner Hawke, & Mia Dearden? And of course the Justice League & the Birds of Prey?

-Dinah is really a brunette, she wears a wig. So, Buffy really does dye her hair blonde. :D

-Dinah training the mini-slayers.

- Appearances of Roy Harper, Lian Harper, Mia Dearden, and Connor Hawke would be awesome.

I hope this gives someone a idea! Have fun! :D
Challenge Date2 May 13
Last Updated2 May 13

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