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Challenge IssuerHarbinger
Challenge NameBad to the Bone!
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Comics > Web Comics
DescriptionThis is a crossover with the web comic, Order of the stick. What if Xander was the reincarnation of a certain sorcerer we all love to laugh and hate. Due to a accident/battle/the Snare/whatever, Xykon (Redcloak and MiTD are optional) are reborn in the Buffyverse in Sunnydale. This sends the Powers That Be into a panic so they wipe there memories clean and place a glamour on them (Redcloak looks and ages like a ordinary human until the spell is broken) altering there personalities and removing there powers. completely oblivious of previous lives of villainy.

Until the memory episode in season six and the glamour on Xander is broken.

How would that work out exactly, would Xykon come back with a conscience? Would Xander suddenly have a need to zombify his loved ones and conquer the world? Would they have some sort of Split personality?

I think this would make for a really good story, it would have a lot of conflict with the noble and loyal nature of Xander versus the vile and malevolent nature of Xykon. Feel free to cross this over with anything else you desire. Charmed, Highlander, Stargate if you want.

Must have: Xankon regains all of his sorcerers abilities
Keep in mind that while Redcloak and MitD aren't born human and they are under the effect of a spell, Xykon was born a fesh and blood human being and he has to be reborn as a completely (minus the fact that he is a sorcerer) human. He wasn't born a Lich.
He rushes to the nearest coffe shop and treating the first coffe he gets as if it was his newborn child.
Takes one look at a Vampire and gives a grin that makes it want to run and scream in terror.
The A.I team gets involved.

Him looking for (if you choose) the rest of Team Evil.

If the rest of Team Evil comes along for the ride could Redcloak and MitD be people who are out of left field. Like Jonathan as Redcloak or Clem as the Monster. It would be funny to see Xankon get pissed that *his* minions where taking orders from some ameteur!

TMiD keeps the umbrella

Xankon developing a love of annoying Angel that Xander has. Maybe even going as far as forgeting his name like... uh... that Orangescabbard guy.

Xankon becomes a Lich again while his new theme-song, the title of this challenge plays on a stero.

He gives at least one of his special speeches to someone before delivering a Major ass kicking

The MitD having a tea party with someone(s) of your choosing whether

Anyone (or everyone) thinks that Xykon and Team Evil is no more dangerous than the Nerds of Doom. They get disabused of this notion very quickly and very brutaly when they find out that MitD is (almost?) as powerful as Glory, Redcloak is easily as competent as Mayor Wilkons, a man who built and maintained a town that was basically a slaugter house for a century. Who also happens to be a crusader of Goblins and has been enacting the plan of his god to metaphorically place a gun against the collective heads of all the other gods so that his people can have equality. And then someone manages to provoke Xykon enough to get serious... someone who's evil is perhaps on the same level (if not greater) of Angelus and his 'family'. With some major magical powers, is dangerously clever with a lot of practical knowledge on magic, a will to do anything that it takes to complete his objective and a nice little way of cheating death in his phylactery.
Challenge Date2 May 13
Last Updated27 May 13

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