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Challenge Details

Challenge IssuerMountainKing
Challenge NameThe Ghost Who Walks
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Comics > Other
DescriptionYeah, okay, here's one for you.

Xander as the Phantom, AKA Ghost Who Walks.

The Phantom is, if you don't know, a pulp fiction comic hero from the 30's, in the same vain as The Shadow and the original Flash Gordon. Basically he's a Batman like character with no real super powers, but a man trained to the hight of physical ability.
He's usually a master swordsman and crack shot with both pistols and rifles. Other than his reliance on guns he is fairly standard. Save for a few details.
The Phantom is a Jungle Lord that has a trained collection of animals at his disposal, expert tracking skills and is immortal. Sort of. His legend is that while he can be killed he always rises again to attain vengeance and justice. No matter what, he always comes back. The truth is he was a hereditary hero. When one died their son took over, then their son and their son for hundreds of years.

Here's the challenge, as the last Phantom dies his servants seek out the last descendant of the legend. Xander. At the end of Season Three, during his travels, he learns of his heritage and takes up the mantel to protect Sunnydale.
Challenge Date22 May 13
Last Updated22 May 13

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