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Challenge IssuerKingHenrytheV
Challenge NameWatcher's Council: Mutants Not Welcome
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Marvel Universe > X-Men > Buffy-Centered
DescriptionElizabeth "Buffy" Anne Summers arrives in Sunnydale under very different circumstances. Her parents were never divorced, and she never went to the psychiatric ward. What actually happened was much more traumatizing than she could have predicted.

Her father, an accomplished pilot. decides that the best thing to do in the aftermath of Hemery is to take the family on a private flight. No one expected the plane crash, nor could Buffy or her mother remember precisely what went wrong. There was no sign of Hank Summers, and Buffy was changed forever.

Red energy beams now continually fired out of her eyes at all times, and there was no way to turn them off. From that day forth, Buffy never again saw a color other than red. She was a meta-human, a mutant. Even more confusing, she lost her Slayer gifts at the same time as she gained her mutant gifts.

She and her mother spent the summer in New York with a professor named Charles Xavier, but now she's had enough. Equipped with a pair of ruby-quartz sunglasses to block the concussive eye beams, the two of them head to Sunnydale to start their lives anew.

She arrives in Sunnydale at the same time as the newest Slayer, Kendra, and once again stumbles into the threat of demons and vampires.

Will Buffy get involved in the fight against the supernatural, when it's not her duty?

What will Giles do when he discovers that the previous Slayer is still alive?

Does the Watcher's Council consider mutants to be humans... or demons?

Who is running the local Friends of Humanity branch? Perhaps a certain mayor who has good reason to keep mutants out of Sunnydale, or perhaps another authority figure - like a principle of a police lieutenant?

The answers to these questions and many more, to be supplied by anyone who takes up this challenge!
Challenge Date29 May 13
Last Updated29 May 13

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