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Challenge Issuer(Recent Donor)christytrekkie
Challenge NameTo Shanshu & Lose Everything
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Dexter
DescriptionTo Shanshu & Lose Everything.

Slayers and Faith come to help Angel and co with the Army of Darkness. (only Faith, Andrew and Willow come to help with a handful of mini slayers, No Buffy, Dawn, Xander or Giles Yet).

Angel shanshu’s at the end of Not Fade Away Just as they defeat the Army of darkness. Expound on this for a few chapters.

One of the gypsy descendants in hiding here about the prophecy of Angels shanshu and comes to make sure that Angel continues to pay for his crimes against their race. He finds that he or she cannot stop the shanshu from happening so he decides to make sure the loophole of perfect happiness follows him into his human life. Don’t let the people know this until after the fact.

He finds Nina and tries to build a life with her. Expand on. They eventually fall in love and get married and move to Miami. On their honeymoon, they consummate their relationship and in his moment of happiness, he loses his conscience, murders his wife and buries her in the back yard and plants a vegetable garden over her grave.

He starts a killing spree that the Miami Metro police department cannot solve his mo is so sporadic that they can’t pinpoint the killer or as they think killers. They don’t even realize it a serial killer because the victims are so wildly different. They vary from Billy Idol wannabes, young and middle aged British men to Snarky brunettes and petite blonds with a God complex and for some odd reason visiting Texan females with a love for tacos.

Dexter is also baffled by the sporadic killings, and goes on the hunt for what he thinks is a group of killers working together. The rest is up to you fine folks. Have fun.

I hope someone picks this up, my muse seems to be on a long vacation and I promised myself I wouldn’t open another fic until my firsts are finished.
Challenge Date30 May 13
Last Updated30 May 13

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