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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuerserpentlady
Challenge NameStripper Xan - Magic Mike Crossover
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Movies > Other-Drama
DescriptionI challenge you to write a stripper!xander story set in the universe of the movie "Magic Mike".

Must Haves:

1. Some form of contact between Xander and everyone in Sunnydale.
examples: phone calls home, someone takes a trip to visit Xander, postcards, money transfers home, emails, etc.

2. Some form of introducing one or more characters from "Magic Mike" to the supernatural.
examples: a vampire nest calls strippers for take-out, the gang enforcers are demons, one of the strippers is a demon (incubus would be fitting), vampire patron at the club, etc.

3. Xander appearing on stage. His skill level is up to you, but please make it realistic.
examples: Xander gets shoved out and fumbles his way through, Xander strips his way across the country and is better than Mike, Xander has one or two routines that are vampire themed, etc

Must Not Haves:

1. Xander getting sucked into Adam's, "The Kid's", downward spiral. I really don't see Xander getting caught up in drugs that way. He is way too conscious of the nightlife to serve himself up on a platter that way.

2. Xander/Mike pairing. It would be yummy and I am a slash fan, but Mike is way too hetero for me to see it.

3. Xander/Brooke pairing. Her interactions with Mike are hilarious.

4. Super!Xander or vamp!Xander.


1. Xander goes into business with Mike doing custom furniture.

2. Xander stages an intervention for Adam, possibly involving the supernatural.

3. Replace Oxnard with Tampa. Have the same story Xander briefly outlined to Buffy at the beginning of season 3.
Challenge Date4 Jun 13
Last Updated4 Jun 13

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