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Challenge IssuerWolfWriter
Challenge NameElves and Vulcans and Mutants, Oh MY!
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Giles-Centered
DescriptionThe Challenge is going to be a bit of a doozy.

Instead of the usual mass superhero costumes Halloween fic where everyone keeps their memories, there is an added twist.

Ethan Rayne has a huge stock of sci-fi costumes, namely Star Trek, as well as Lord of the Rings, AND the ubiquitous superhero costumes, i.e.: Superman, Batman, etc. Along with Star Wars Jedi costumes.

Giles is challenged by Jenny to wear a specially themed costume, but there are only two in his size, both from Classic Trek. One is that of the first Romulan Commander seen in "Operation: Annihilate!" The second is that of Ambassador Sarek in "Journey to Babel".

He must become one or the other, and start reacting accordingly. The entire description of the Halloween night can be skipped, but ONLY if you really can't think of anything. No laziness will be accepted as an excuse.

Giles must also KEEP his physical changes as to his ears, heightened senses, and green blood; however, the arrangement of his internal organs stays the same. He also keeps Sarek's intellect, knowledge of computers, etc.

He becomes the de facto leader of an extended Scooby pack, which includes, but is not limited to, Oz, Larry Blaisdell, Jonathan Levinson, Tucker Wells and his brother Andrew, Harmony Kendall, and Amy Madison.

Original characters are accepted, as long as they are not Mary Sues or Gary Stus. They must be ORIGINAL!

No Buffy or Summers family in this, though.

Giles' Slayer can either be Kendra or Faith. No other Potentials in the group unless there is a good reason for them being there.

The following people are changed by their costumes.

Xander goes as the comic book version of Loki, God of Mischief from Marvel. Basically it was because he thought that Loki was a much underappreciated character, and it appealed to him.

Harmony, who is Xander's girlfriend, goes as Loki's wife Sigyn, the Goddess of Fidelity and Loyalty. She was underappreciated too (mostly by her husband, but that was because she never kicked him in the ass when he needed it. This version of Sigyn didn't put up with that kind of crap, and kicked him in the ass accordingly. He's a somewhat nicer being in this, althoug still mischievous and still hates his brother's guts. He just ignores and avoids Thor in favor of his wife.)

Willow becomes the Wicked Witch of the West, after reading the novel Wicked. She gets a major power boost, can fly via a broomstick, has green skin and black hair, but is NOT allergic to water!

Faith becomes a Padawan Learner.

Now, just to see if any of you can pull it off, if Giles goes as either Sarek or the Romulan Commander, he has to be a Jedi Master on top of it! Can you imagine either man, with the necessary discipline of his native background, PLUS the training of a Jedi? He'd be kickass!

And when things go back to what passes for normal on the Hellmouth, Giles is not only either a Vulcan or a Romulan, he is also a Jedi.


The Mayor gets bumped off early; he went as Dennis the Sodding Menace and was eaten by one of the kids that dressed as an Orc from Lord of the Rings.

The other characters in the story can dress as Elrond, Luke Skywalker, etc.

Drusilla MUST dress as Arwen and become a full fledged Elf maid afterward, as well as cured of her insanity.

Spike MUST dress as Legolas and become a full fledged Elf warrior, right down to the flowing blond hair, sharp eyesight, and sneaky sense of humor.

The ONLY one to die will be the Mayor, and NONE of the kids that dressed as monsters will remember what happened to them, simply passing it off as too much candy influencing a nightmare.

If you want to include Gunn as one of the X-men, go right ahead, but his sister has to become either Storm, or Pulsar.

Angel, if you really want to mess with him, can become Superman.

Any other aliens like Thanagarians, Gallifreyans, Kryptonians, Daxamites; all are welcome as long as they are good guys.

Heck, you get extra points if one of the main characters dresses as Vincent from the TV show, Beauty and the Beast. Just not Xander though.

Oz would do nicely.

Other than that, have fun.
Challenge Date6 Jun 13
Last Updated6 Jun 13

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