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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerSake
Challenge NamePale Rider
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween
DescriptionBuffy/Darksiders/Any other crossover that you want to add.


Rating: Anything from 15 to 21, though the more mature the better.

Pairings: Any hetrosexual pairings, including a multi-pairing.

Summary: Essentially, Xander unknowingly dresses up as the Horseman Death. When Ethan's spell ends, he retains Death's form, powers, and memories, turning him into the new incarnation of Death for his world. He proceeds to use these new powers to reap the souls of all his enemies. It isn't long before his new persona is noticed by the rest of the world. And soon Xander has responsibility for the fate of the world on his shoulders.

What I'd like to see in this story: A more mature Xander who deals with mature problems, such as the responsibility of his powers and the reaping of souls and the knowledge that he'll have to reap the souls of all that he loves, and his own immortality. I'd also like to see a heroic Xander who shoulders responsibility, even with the damages to his emotional and mental well being brought by his treatment in his home life. Further, it'd be interesting to see multiple crossovers that Xander interacts with, becoming an important figure in the world. Such as crossing over with Charmed and meeting the Halliwell sisters and changing their destinies, or crossing over with the DC or Marvel worlds and becoming an important hero in them. I'd also like to see a healthy dose of romance, though I'd like it to be slow and down played. I would like to see more action involved in the story since, essentially Xander will possess godlike, angelic and demonic powers.
Challenge Date24 Jun 13
Last Updated24 Jun 13

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