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Challenge IssuerTheForgotten
Challenge NameWhere Dawn Summers got her soul
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games > Sci-Fi > Mass Effect Trilogy
DescriptionThis is my first challenge, so it is probably a little too specific but here goes:-

It is essentially a Xander Harris/Miranda Lawson and Xander Harris/Dawn Summers fic with a twist;

Xander dresses as a version of himself (either intentionally or unintentionally) from the Mass Effect Universe (not Sheppard etc), and since there is no dimensional analogue of him in that universe, Janus taps the energy of the Key to send him there;

Xander winds up as a kid (not too young that he forgets who he is though) and grows up there. He eventually becomes a biotic/tech scavenger type person, seeking out tech and biotic abilities and incorporating the good stuff (stealth, armour, cool biotic abilities etc) and selling the less dangerous stuff;

Eventually he runs across Shepard when he or she is helping Miranda with her sister, and Xander ends up helping and subsequently joining the team (he is not on The Illusive Man’s list though);

Xander and Miranda end up falling in love and he leaves with her at the end of Mass Effect 2; and finally

Just before Sheppard makes the infamous Green/Blue/Red decision, Xander and Miranda are caught in a massive explosion that would kill them and they share one last kiss. Xander then comes to in Sunnydale on the same day he left (at the age he left) kissing an age appropriate Dawn (being the cross-dimensional reincarnation of Miranda – as a result of Janus using the remaining energy of the key to return Xander back to Sunnydale and sending Miranda/Dawn along with).
Challenge Date6 Jul 13
Last Updated6 Jul 13

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