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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerEmber
Challenge NameOf Greece and Gods, BTVS/XENA
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Xena-Hercules
DescriptionI was thinking of season 5 and how Glory is a hell god and Buffy needs to kick some ass, then I watched Xena where they could use the hinds blood dagger to kill gods, this lead to idea spark-age. What if Buffy and the gang learn about this Dagger and go to retrieve it?


Dagger was lost in time so the Scooby gang has to take a trip to the past, Dawn can be included in the trip if you want
Has to include Faith, She never went evil, Joyce and Xander got through to her
NO man slash, fem slash is fine
Faith is on friendly terms with the whole gang, not a slut
Faith and Buffy stronger and better fighters than Xena
Faith and Buffy catching the attention of the Amazons
Willow and Tara using magic
Xander and Faith catching the interest of Aphrodite ( Whatever way you want)
Throw some comedy in it
Gabrielle and Xena trying to get a grip on this odd band of young people
Faith confronting Callisto
Please make a decent size story and not a one shot

Giles and Joyce somehow get roped into the adventure
Spike also along for the ride, is a semi accepted member of the gang, has gem of amara so not affected by sunlight
Spike/Faith friendship
Buffy and Faith totally kicking amazon ass during a misunderstanding
Anya and her fear of bunnies that keep popping up
Challenge Date11 Jul 13
Last Updated11 Jul 13

Challenge Responses

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