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Challenge Issuercloudleonsgurl
Challenge NameIronman/Buffy: Call Me Crazy
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Marvel Universe > Iron Man
DescriptionAn idea from my Fanart story. I, thanks to a review, decided to post it as a challenge and I hope someone will pick it up.

The Avengers think Tony is going crazy.

The Scoobies think its a side effect for bringing Buffy back.

Tony and Buffy know it's something very different.

An error, a storm and a evil unwittingly connects two people together. Him, a man whose time is running out. Her, a woman forced to live once more. Their thoughts and souls brought together in a bond that tranverses dimensions and bring two worlds together to not only save them, but the universe.

Pairing: Buffy/Tony

That's all. I hope someone picks this up, and for the one who does, you can borrow my Fanart I made for this idea. You can find it in,
Challenge Date13 Jul 13
Last Updated13 Jul 13

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