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Challenge IssuerSoothingmadness
Challenge NameLost in Space!
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > General > Theme: Halloween
DescriptionThis challenge is similar in concept as the Ship of the Line challenge, but on a smaller scale. The challenge revolves around someone dressing as the captain of a small ship somewhere between The Millennium Falcon and the Normandy SR-2. After collecting what other characters the author chooses to get involved, the "captain" takes off in their ship. When the spell ends the ship and all contained in it are pulled back to the reality the ship came from. Either the ship can merge back with its origin leaving the the original crew to wonder where the extra people came from or it can be copied into its home reality leaving two identical ships one with the original crew and one with the crew from the Buffy-verse.

Thing I would like to see:

Characters changed in to aliens of some kind.
An original ship.

These are plot points from the Ship of the Line challenge rewritten to fit my challenge.

-Said ship should contain on-board a full complement of fuel, supplies, and armaments, including any smaller craft such as shuttles ordinarily associated with the ship.
-Said ship should NOT possess any of its usual crew complement beyond digital sentience. I.E. if the ship possesses artificial bodies controlled by the ship’s AI then they should still exist on the ship. An example is the “Ship Made Flesh” android body of Rommy on the Andromeda Ascendant.
-“Captain” must have a means to access the ship, either via remote access of computer systems to teleport aboard, remote piloting of a shuttle, or a shuttle being created near their location when the spell activates.
-The ship and any associated hardware, including , the costumes, will remain 100% real after Ethan’s spell ends.
-The characters should possess all the memories and skills of the character they went as on Halloween after the spell ends.
-The characters should either possess the necessary training/understanding of the ship to be able to perform repairs, or the ship should possess a computer capable of instructing him in its repair if not outright sentient.
-Characters will undergo any physical or physiological changes required to leave them permanently as the character/a member of the character’s species after the spell ends, even though their own personality returns to control his mind.
-No matter what the normal means of FTL propulsion is native to the Buffy-verse, the technology of the ship should still operate as presented in the source material. This applies to everything from sensors, to propulsion, to medical technology.
Challenge Date19 Jul 13
Last Updated26 Jul 13

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