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Challenge IssuerAlexanderMcpherson
Challenge NameSubject 13
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games
DescriptionAssassin's Creed crossover challenge. Following written from an in-universe narration style, imagine it as audio for effect.

*static intermittent*
My Name is- -Lavelle- -, caaaal--- Subject 13. I have En---ed these me--sss-esss-gse into the ann--

*static clears, forboding voice*
Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted. I thought that was an excuse for felling governments, by any means. now I understand what it is.

*static intermittent*
th----les -- lie--

*clear, forboding*
I know not what would happen to me once I leave this place, but if you can hear me, truly... then you will understand as I do.

*static, voice barely audible*

*clearer, whisper*
The Apple is a Lie.

*cut to Abstergo Lab*

"Subject 13, What on Earth are you doing?"

"What you should have done long ago." *chants in an unrecognisable language, and disappears in a pillar of blue flames over a period of ten seconds, and alarms goes off*


"I don't know how... I thought he was dead but... apparently he... teleported.... Yes sir. This, Assassin... Lavelle... he showed abilities remarkably like those of.... yes sir... Not much sir, just where he was born.... Sunnydale, little tow- how did you know sir? W..what? No, of course sir, I just don't understand... what is in sunnydale that you would tell us not to follow?"


okay that tiny bit above, should give you plenty to start from.

now the details: Lavelle can be either a young Tony Harris, 'Lavelle', or Xander, in which case for the latter xander was held when he was supposedly on a road trip. either way, Xander will later have a run in with an Animus and gain abilities that are a mix of Magic (support, non-combat), and unarmed combat (aka assassins stuff). Although I would prefer Subject 13 to be Xander, as 30-years difference between Subject 13 and 17 (Desmond) is a bit much - such a difference sufficient for xander to have the escape as genetic memory. Maybe his father was subject 1... :D wait, yeah...

either way, Xander is subject 13, does the above, and left traces in the animus for desmond to pick up. you can either follow xander, or skip ahead, to Desmond trying to find Xander and getting more details.

and yes, that last line in the xander's narration thing was a poke at Portal's "The Cake is a Lie".
Challenge Date21 Jul 13
Last Updated21 Jul 13

Challenge Responses

My name is Alexander Lavelle Harris, and I am an Assassin, as was my father and his father. But unlike them, I know a truth of the world many do not see. And in my mission, I am not alone.
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