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Challenge Details

Challenge Issuermetalicdeath
Challenge NameLearning Experience
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games > Other Genre > Tomb Raider
DescriptionOkay, crossover between Tomb Raider(2013 Reboot) and BtVS.

After the first season of BtVS Xander's parents tell him they are sending him off to a relative for a "learning experience" when in reality they're just getting rid of him for three months (give or take a week). His relative, a member of the Endurance crew(not Lara), will take him under his/her wing and go from there.

*Xander is smarter then he portrays(I.E. He IS in all of the same classes as Willow).
*Xander after finding out about the supernatural studies magic in general(not to use, but to understand).
*Xander is on his own helping Lara from the shadows until she figures out that the storms are in fact supernatural in origin.
*Pairing for Xander none or Sam or Lara OR if you must both(although they're a little old for him at that point so feel free to mess with their ages a little).
*Length Min. 10,000 words, Max. whatever you want to stop at.

Would love to see how this "Learning Experience" may translate into the rest of the shows story line, if anyone decides to do the unthinkable and continue this past the unlikely 50,000 words.
Challenge Date24 Jul 13
Last Updated25 Jul 13

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