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Challenge IssuerYaoiAngel
Challenge NameJust so tired of submissive or bottom Alexander "Xander" Harris slash challenge
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other Slash
DescriptionI am so tired of reading about Xander being the bottom/submissive/uke, so I'm posting this challenge. I want someone to write a (slash/yaoi/Shounen Ai) story about Xander being the dominant/top/seme partner, it can be with any fandom except for the following:
-Ouran High School Host Club
-Assassin's Creed 1
-Legend of Zelda(?)
-Pitch Black/Riddick
-Harry Potter

Note: The (?) means that I might read it if it's an believable story.

Also here's a list of what you can (if you want to) put in the story:
-Xander with supernatural powers/Godlike!Xander
-can have Buffy bashing (can't stand her)
-slight Willow bashing ( kinda like her, so go easy)
-Dark or Evil Xander
-Time or Dimensional travel

You can have any pairing you want, but here are some I would personally like to see:

-Xander/Ichigo Kurosaki
-Xander/Byakuya Kuchiki
-Xander/Renji Abarai
-Xander/Grimmjow (Bleach)
-Xander/S. Aizen
-Xander/Ulquiorra Cifer
-Xander/Abel Nightroad
-Xander/Cain ( Trinity Blood )
-Xander/Alucard ( Helsing)
-Xander/Kamui (X/1999)
-Xander/Fuuma (X/1999)
-Xander/Naruto Uzumaki
-Xander/Minato Namikaze
-Xander/Sasuke Uchiha
-Xander/Itachi Uchiha
-Xander/Neji Hyuuga
-Xander/Clow Reed(Card Captors)
-Xander/Touya (Card Captors)
-Xander/Yue/Yukito (Card Captors)
-Xander/Yami (Yu-Gi-Oh)
-Xander/Seto Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh)
-Xander/Son Goku(DBZ)(?)
-Xander/Natsu Dragneel
-Xander/Gray Fullbuster
-Xander/Edward Elric
-Xander/Roy Mustang
-Xander/Allen Walker
-Xander/Yu Kanda
-Xander/Komui Lee
-Xander/Rin Okumura
-Xander/Yukio Okumura
-Xander/Monkey D. Luffy
-Xander/Portgas D. Ace(?)
-Xander/Roronoa Zoro(?)

-Xander/Dante Sparda
-Xander/Vergil Sparda
-Xander/Chris Redfield
-Xander/Leon S. Kennedy
-Xander/Albert Wesker(?)
-Xander/Jake Muller(?)
-Xander/Cloud Strife
-Xander/Vincent Valentine(?)
-Xander/Rufus Shinra
-Xander/Desmond Miles
-Xander/Connor Kenway
-Xander/Edward Kenway

Side note: Doesn't actually have to be an anime crossover. Also must be 5,000 words or more.
Challenge Date24 Jul 13
Last Updated23 Oct 14

Challenge Responses

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