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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerKasyblack
Challenge NameYour Princess is...
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games > Other Genre > Super-Mario
DescriptionThere were a lot of stories of Scoobies choosing different costume.
On the other hand, very few want to tinker with existing ones.
Buffy dressed in a pink frilly gown and become Lady Useless.
But what if she really did become a Princess?
A fairy Princess with magic powers?
Namely, Princess Peach.
There is a game where Bowser (apparently having problems with vision in his old age) kidnaps Mario, and Peach has to save him.
She has some emotionally activated powers - such as Fire attacks caused by anger. She can also fly.
Okay, I admit, Buffy spontaneously combusting (but not dying) while speaking to Snyder is funny as hell.
Also, Buffy has to get love of frilly or at least cute outfits out of it.

Might be funny if all Scoobs decided to go as a themed group as a bit of a mean-tempered prank from Xander, but it is not required.
Willow could be one of Peaches relatives, also with magic powers. Xander as either Mario, Luigi, even Wario.
Whatever you decide, have fun!
Challenge Date27 Jul 13
Last Updated27 Jul 13

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