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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuerremovedauthor
Challenge NameThe Ultimate Builder
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween
DescriptionI got the Idea for this challenge from: Rise of the Ultimate Peasant by wraithrune

“Meet Alexander Harris, The Ultimate Engineer of the WoW World! Grand Master Engineer of all inventions in the WoW verse, and the One who can Build Anything!” Halloween night has changed him. Now things will never be the same again.

Janus the God of Chaos likes Xander due to his braking of prophecy saving Buffy from drowning by the Master thus causing chaos to both the forces of Light & Dark also forcing a change in the plans of TPTB ,Wolf Ram & Hart ,Watchers Council & Many others .

So Janus seeing a way to cause even more Chaos and to help keep Xander alive and causing more chaos. When he sees Ethan cast his Halloween Spell he makes so that Xander gains his costume's abilities permanently after the spell ends.

Story Requirements:

-Story must be Xander Centric.

-Xander's abilities are as follows:

A)The Power of Construction, a passive ability that allows the Grand Master Engineer to construct any WoW inventions using parts that the Grand Master Engineer gets from deconstructing/dissembling mechanical objects, within seconds or minutes.

B)The Power of Seeing, a passive ability that allows the Grand Master Engineer to analyze all the mechanical objects he sees in his immediate vicinity, including whatever are within, storing the details in his mind. The analytical blueprints would then be used to construct these objects based on part requirements. Any items, magical items, or artifacts of importance will be able to be constructed/assembled.

C)The Power of Repair, a passive ability that allows the Grand Master Engineer to restore any mechanical object back to their prime conditions in a matter of seconds or minutes.

D)The Power of Deconstruction, a passive ability that allows the Grand Master Engineer to deconstruct/disassemble any mechanical objects back into the raw resources and parts, within seconds or minutes.

-Must have the above abilities.

-Your choice if it crosses over with other universes.

-Your choice if any other people keep their costume abilities as well.

WoW engineering site:
Challenge Date27 Jul 13
Last Updated19 Oct 13

Challenge Responses

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