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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerBarbarossaRotbart
Challenge NameThe Many Halloween Costumes of Buffy
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings
DescriptionYAHF: In nearly every universe the Scoobies (and friends) wore different costumes on Halloween. In some of those something powerful remained inside them. Now the Scoobies are on a trip through the Multiverse to meet some of their counterparts from those universes. Why? That's up to you.
- Every character may only used once as a costume. So two Buffys or Buffy from one world and Willow from another dressing up as Supergirl is not allowed.
- Crossover with existing YAHF are allowed (even if Buffy is not the main character in those).
- Crossovers outside the Halloween part are also allowed.
- Slash (m/m) is not allowed (because I will not read it), femslash however is.
- Parodies are also not allowed.
- Optional: in at least one of those universes Xander has been turned into a woman (and has accepted the changed).
- Optional: at least one of the characters used as a costume in one universe does really exist in another.
- Optional: one character used a Vampirella costume (and thus gained all of her powers, strengths and weaknesses)
- Optional: one female character used a Doctor Fate costume (and thus gained all of his powers, strengths and weaknesses)
- Optional: one character dresses as Dejah Thoris (from John Carter of Mars).
- Optional: two characters (or two incarnations of the same character) from two different universes dress as a couple (e.g. Lois Lane & Superman or Han & Leia or Xena & Gabrielle). As soon as they both meet for the first time sparks begin to fly.

Send me a PM, if you have questions.
Challenge Date30 Jul 13
Last Updated24 Aug 13

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