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Challenge Issuer(Recent Donor)BuffyCharmed
Challenge NameGrimms & Slayers: A Family History
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Grimm
DescriptionThere's a pretty big difference between Wesen and demons, primarily that demons originate from Hell dimensons, while Wesen come from Earth's own magic. They never associate with each other if they can help it.

Wesen are Grimm business. Demons are - you guessed it- Slayer business.

We know that an aspect of a demon was used to create them, and because of this Grimms have notoriously renounced any association of them. To Grimms, Slayers might as well be monsters as well. The only reason they don't go after them is because they know they know they're needed.

But to Wesen? Grimms may be their bogeymen, but Slayers are more like thier supervillains. They're known for being ruthless killers who don't descrimate between them and the real monsters.

There's a reason Slayers are always alone; they don't belong in the human world, and the supernatural one rejects them.

Out favorite blonde isn't a typical Slayer. She's become famous for being lenient to (and even befriending!) peaceful demons and Wesen, and teaches the mini-Slayers to do the same. She's made real progress, and the name Buffy Summers is becoming a legend in the Wesen world for that.

So, when Nick happens to mention his little cousin Buffy to Monroe and Rosalee? They're.. well, pretty much beside themselves. Nick, naturally, has no idea how in the hell they'd know Buffy. That is until they mention the word 'Slayer' and he remembers when she was a teenager, and they all thought she was crazy. Even Aunt Marie never helped her, since thousands of years of prejudice against Slayers had been taught to her.

After everything, Nick decides it's family reunion time.

Bonus for Monroe and Rosalee being really giddy (yet still freaked out) about meeting her.
Challenge Date15 Aug 13
Last Updated15 Aug 13

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