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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerChaosKitsune
Challenge NameVector- First Infection
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween
DescriptionEthan Rayne's chaos spell has consequences no one could have predicted. Let's see what happens. :D

It seems that fiction has a lot of scary viruses and fast growing parasites. Some of them magical, some of them the result of super-science. All of them very, very dangerous. And all of them capable of reproducing within a few hours or where already carrying offspring. Pesky Chaos spells grabbing imprints of lifeforms at random stages of their lives. It could be a labeled bottle filled with Kool-aid, Power-Aid, Water, etc. It could be a splash from another costume. That's not tie dye on that rifle. It could be an interesting sticker now come to life and three dimensional. It could be a Sliver Deck of Magic Cards, that his store happens to sell along with small Tyrranid figurines, that was splashed with the magical mark fluid for the chaos spell or random T-Shirts with pictures of replicating bugs or nannites. The marking ritual for this magic was quite chaotic. No one can predict what will get splashed.

Examples Include: Forced Evolutionary Virus(Fallout); X Parasite(Metroid Fusion); Borg Nannites, Transmode Virus (X-men); Unnamed Experimental Virus that infected Albert Wekser (Resident Evil); Hyper Evolutionary Virus (Star Craft); Luck Virus, Cool Virus, & Sexy Virus (Red Dwarf), A virulent form of vampirism (Blade), or werewolf virus (Pick your fiction), Tyrranids(WarHammer 40K), Slivers(Magic: The Gathering), parasites like the Ripley (Steven King's Dream-Catcher), etc. If you can come down with it or it reproduces really fast and can live in you it probably belongs here.

Power Up:
Viruses that attack the same cell merge into a new virus. Virus can infect parasites.

It seem that the powers that be have shunted almost all of these similar cases into a few universes before cutting the connection to the other universe. Of course one percent of infinity is still infinity but they *believe* that they contained all universes that would give rise to Pestilance one of the four horseman as well demons and dark Deities of sickness. But they also trapped its counter-force as well. Most of the Buffy-verse Healing angels and deities prevent this universe from going out in an explosion of negative energy. The stronger elements might land in other universes and infect them at a faster rate.

Let the party begin!
Challenge Date19 Aug 13
Last Updated22 Aug 13

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