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Challenge IssuerMarcusRowland
Challenge NameLiving A Lie
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category NCIS > General
DescriptionThe fourth season of NCIS: LA includes a story arc in which Russian sleeper agents hid nuclear weapons in strategic locations across the USA at the height of the Cold War, and continue to hide them in the present day.

What if one of the hiding places was in Sunnydale, a centre for high-tech industries in the seventies and eighties, and the location for at least one secret military installation in later years? What if the family of one of the key Scoobies or an associate is involved?

The obvious candidates are Willow, Xander, Oz, and Cordelia, all of whom are Sunnydale natives, but don't necessarily rule out others. For example:
* Joyce divorced Hank as a cover so that she could plausibly move to Sunnydale with a very large "abstract sculpture" in her luggage.
* Giles was blackmailed and recruited after the Eyghon mess, he's contacted after the local agents are killed in a barbecue fork accident and told to take over.
* Jenny's tribe needed Russian help to find Angelus; the price was their help in moving the bomb to Sunnydale and concealing it.

Some possibilities:

If the character's parent(s) hid the bomb does the character know? For example, could part of the reason for Buffy's depression in late season 5 and 6 be that she's inherited this huge burden, and can't trust anyone to help her deal with it? Is this the reason why Willow avoids her parents after S3? Why Cordelia really went to LA?

What happens if the bomb is detonated on the Hellmouth? What if it's used to take out one of the Big Bads, e.g. during Chosen? Does it make things better or worse?

What if the bomb survived the destruction of Sunnydale and is still somewhere in the area in the present day, maybe buried in the cave system somewhere near the crater, or in the desert a few yards from the old "Welcome to Sunnydale" sign.

What if someone who knows about the bomb is turned, and now has all the destructive urges of a vampire?

Bonus points for involving the NCIS LA or other NCIS characters - this probably means a present-day setting post the destruction of Sunnydale.

Bonus points for making it a romantic comedy and/or a tense technothriller.

If you need more inspiration, Walter Wager's novel Telefon (also filmed) has some good ideas on sleeper agents, as does The Manchurian Candidate and a lot of other Cold War fiction. And there are several sites which can model the effects of nuclear weapons so you can work out how much of Los Angeles will be affected; the location of Sunnydale is usually considered to be somewhere in the Santa Barbara region, but if it works better elsewhere don't let that stop you...
Challenge Date24 Aug 13
Last Updated24 Aug 13

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