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Challenge IssuerTheForgotten
Challenge NameXander the Blood Mage
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games > Fantasy
DescriptionXander goes as Mage from Dragon Age (not the/a Grey Warden) and as in cannon gets to keep some of the knowledge.

Ordinarily this would have no lasting consequences as there is no Fade for him to draw his power from and the memoires would fade (no pun intended) over time. However it turns out that Xander's character (possibly a not evil apostate mage) was a Blood Mage, thus allowing him some means of accessing his magic (to a limited extent - perhaps only restricted to actual blood magic spells).

I would prefer that his second class be Shapeshifter for 2 reasons:-

1. it makes the most sense as the other classes have a greater connection to the Fade to actually be of use; and
2. it would be far more effective in "real life" than in the game given the variety of forms that he'd have access to.


- No Slash
- If there are pairings would prefer no Buffy or Willow pairings (and to some extent no Cordelia as well) but it is not a deal breaker (personally if Dawn makes an early appearance and she's only a year or so younger would prefer Xander/Dawn)
- If you haven't played Dragon Age, and you like the idea, you can just use Blood Mage as a generic field of Magic and not limit yourself to a Halloween fic
Challenge Date27 Aug 13
Last Updated27 Aug 13

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