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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerKasyblack
Challenge NameWhat the Hellmouth is, really?
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Comics > Girl Genius
DescriptionCreating Monsters, making people crazy, locking doorways after the OldOnes... What is a Hellmouth in reality?
Do you notice how its influence is quite similar to the Spark's?
- making monsters, check
- driving people crazy-ish or monster-ish looking while giving them abilities, check
- being unfathomable yet everpresent, check
- calling the worst in people to the surface...

Girl genius world... It might have been ours. But long time ago some beings, fearing powers of the human Sparks, managed to halt the process of their "ignition". War was fought and with the victims' souls the power to Break Through was stripped from the Sparks worldwide, and their created creatures locked in parallel universes. Even now, a lot of Sparks are born yet none are able to wake up, living in a gloomy grey world of being usual... Only some immortalish Sparks from the times past remained, but they usually ignore world around unless they need to create some demons, or watch a movie perhaps. Or so it seems. Meanwhile, Hellmouth children are closer and closer to their breakthroughs, old powers begin to stir and the Spark Age just might return within this generation.

So, things I would like to see.
- Buffy and Joyce of Heterodyne lineage (or something similar, considering absence of Sparks for however long; she must have breaking nature laws' power - totally in line with her role in the series)
- Xander ending up with either Barry's or Baron Wulfenbach's reputation
- maybe Warren or one of his cronies as Othar Spark Killer. Might make Warren a minion for comedy effect, one more effective at evil than various surrounding sparks.
- Willow of Storm King lineage. While she is most likely to be unawakened Spark, I think she'll have enough power by becoming a strong witch in time. Therefore, I'd prefer her to be one of few with ancestor still alive being brain in the jar, cyborg, ghost etc, finding and training her to be a killer or at least very proficient in self-defense and looking for Spark to adopt into family.
- in this world, sparks existed maybe in Egypt, Babylon, etc. therefore whoever managed to live are children of the quite bloodthirsty age, where knowledge of science and sorcery was intertwined.
- watchers are descendants of shadow men who were either disgruntled minions managing to one-up their masters or outright agents of the powers that be and other ethereal being wanting humanity to be putty in their hands.
- Slayers are all tied to the Spark of Sineya, first victim of Shadow Men. Slayer lineage jumps between families which would have strong Sparks, otherwise. Watchers make sure they die early, lest they manage to wake their own Spark.
- when the Hellmouth opens and they are not able to get it to close, Buffy desperately orders appearing giant monsters to stop. They do. Buffy gets a great bit of headache, and suddenly feels smarter all of a sudden. And gets the urge to build the holy-water-stake-garlic-kitten Swiss Spear-Knife to fight evil with.
- Might also be fun having watchers fight their urge to obey Slayer whims, as their minion blood demands.
- Would be fun if Giles woke Spark too, but it would be better plot-wise to make him a most competent minion.
- about a week after opening, Hellmouth dissipates after sprouting a lot of firefly-like things flying in all directions. Meanwhile, North Amerika suffers a sudden influx of inventors and Darvin Prize candidates. And a couple of housewives wielding giant robots (would be funny to use housewives from one of many sitcoms I don't watch but you might).
- demons, vampires etc are constucts, descendants of constructs etc. all evil in universe finds itself being born from Men.
- Scoobies decide to return Sparks to this world, for better or worse.
- do whatever you wish as long as it is entertaining
Challenge Date31 Aug 13
Last Updated31 Aug 13

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