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Challenge Issuerthewrongalice
Challenge NameWholesale memories
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Movies > Multiple Movies
DescriptionTotall Recall / Inception /BtVS - I prefer the most recent Totall Recall (what can I say Colin Farrell?!) and it should be AU anyway... (would like to do this but determined not to start another story until I'm finished what I'm working on)
The Recall storyline should be set post-demon apocalypse instead of chemical war and the Resistance is headed by Buffy (she could either be immortal, seriously if you keep getting brought back it's eventually got to have a long term effect right? or just fiddle the timelines)
- people can still buy the "chemical war" scenario in a massive case of Sunnydale syndrome
- the demons are working behind the scenes and through the UFB to wipe out the Colony or using it as a food source and the resistance is still fighting them
- other scoobies are optional (and I try not to bash but not a fan of goddess-level Willow or super soldier Xander)
-the Recall process is based on the PASIV technology and Arthur, Eames and Cobb were blackmailed into changing Hauser's mind but they escape and are working with the Resistance
- would like to see Buffy and Colin (oops I mean Hauser or Quaid) together in the end, the Melina character doesn't need to exist at all :-) Size matters not (in terms of length)
Challenge Date7 Sep 13
Last Updated7 Sep 13

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