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Challenge IssuerFablesrogue
Challenge NameXander IS the Prince of Darkness
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games
DescriptionBtVS/Castlevania Xover.

Rating: - FR18/FR21 - The Darker the Better!


In honour of the upcoming Lords of Shadow 2, I would love to see a Fic were Xander IS and WAS Gabriel Belmont before he became Dracula. When I say this, I don't mean he died and was reincarnated, I mean that he is truly Immortal. I want to see a Fic were he has lived for nearly a thousand years and that the passage of time has taken its toll on him and he seeks to redeem himself and to break his curse and truly die as a Mortal. If you remember from the first Lords of Shadow Game, it was set in the 11th Century (Supposedly! I'm not too definite on that. All I know was that it was set in the Middle Ages).

I would like to see Zobek and the Forgotten One resurrected and make an appearance as the main antagonists to prevent Xander/Dracula from achieving his goal. How is up to you, but this is a must!

You could explain the age difference as either Xander does in fact know Magic and he cast a glamour Spell on himself to appear younger and hides this fact as best as he can from the others (Magic futzing on him could be him doing it intentionally) or he can shape his appearance like a natural ability like Drake in Blade 3 or Dracula from the Wes Craven series (2001, II, III).

When the eventual reveal of who and what he is happens to the Scoobies, Again, I leave the how up to you. You'd be writing it after all. Buffy reacts as you would expect (Slay first, Party later) So I expect to see the Slayer getting the smack down (What can I say? I'm a Buffy Basher... And that sounds so wrong...) and her afraid that the One she sees/saw as a Weakling is in fact the most Powerful True Vampire to ever have existed.

Must have: -

Set the start in the 1st Season - Xander has been living in Sunnydale shortly after the Mayor founded the Town.
Xander Immune to daylight (Obviously!)
Xander feeding (Donors, blood bags, killing criminals. The how I leave up to you!
He knows the Master - he could have met him on his travels throughout the World, or the Master might've tried to usurp his control of Castlevania with an Army of Aurelius Vamps. Tried being the operative word in that sentence. Choice is yours.
Xander showing his contempt for the Demon Breed Vampires - Extra Kudos if Xander in fact was the One to stop the Master from opening the Hellmouth the first time he got trapped in it. Naturally the Master would be a little miffed at him.
He kills Spike, Dru and Angelus in front of Buffy.
Kalderash Clan bound to his service. Jenny already knowing who and what he is.
Alucard and the Belmont Family.
He kills Kendra after she is ordered to kill him by the Watchers.
The ghost of Marie making an appearance after a thousand years.

Must not have: -

Jenny/Janna dying.
Faith going dark.
Jenny getting Vamped... For a while at least.

Pairing: - Xander/Jenny - They adopt Faith after Season 3.

One more thing; I know that some of you will want to at the very least bring Hellsing into the Fic, I urge you not to. Aside from the fact that it would be very easy to, I would prefer if you stuck solely to the BtVS/Castlevania 'verse's please. Be assured, I do not have anything against Hellsing. It's a Fantastic Anime and Manga, but for all intents and Purposes, Hellsing wouldn't work in this story in my opinion.

Ok; that's it! That's the Challenge. Have Fun with it and please remember, it's only Fanfiction. And away... We... Go...
Challenge Date9 Sep 13
Last Updated9 Sep 13

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