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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerDarthTenebrus
Challenge NamePresident (Insert Scooby Here...)
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > General
DescriptionPick your favorite Scooby and write his or her political backstory, culminating in his or her becoming the US President. How would a Scooby President handle the war with the supernatural world with the resources now available? How does a Scooby juggle the responsibilities of prosecuting that and managing the Washington two step?

And how much more political clout would a Scooby President have with the Watchers Council? Would he or she tell them to shove off, or would there be deals made and treaties signed?

Plus, our new Scooby president must deal with at least one political crisis during each year of his or her term, and possibly struggle over a choice of whether a certain international crisis (must be an idea of the author) warrants military or Slayer intervention. Another issue to consider would be whether to go public with the existence of the supernatural world and what measures would be taken on the national stage that would protect the American public (both human and benign/neutral demon kind). Please bear in mind that the policies your Scooby President enacts must be Constitutional or else your President may be at the very least impeached and tried before the full Senate, and assassinated at worst.

Aside from that, the political and supernatural stages are yours to blend as you see fit.
Challenge Date13 Sep 13
Last Updated14 Sep 13

Challenge Responses

Chronicling Xander's rise to the office of Mayor of Sunnydale
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Buffy was Bored. Nothing good has ever come of that. Well, maybe that one time.
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