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Challenge IssuerEricJablow
Challenge NameWillow's Heroquest
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games > Fantasy
DescriptionIn Second Age Pamaltela in the standard Gloranthan Runequest setting, a Wizard decides to experiment and summon a demon to hold in the Psychic Zoo for study. Meanwhile in Sunnydale, Willow makes herself very noticeable across the multiverse when she raises the Temple and tries to destroy the world in "Grave". In her exhaustion afterwards, her defenses are weak, and the summoning captures her.

What happens when she awakens and talks with her captors? She could recover and wreck the place, but that would be boring. She could have hostile but not immediately violent talk with her captors. She could escape by herself, and have extreme difficulty dealing with the weird Bronze Age setting where everyone has a little magic, Gods exist and are noticeable, intelligent non-human species are common, Trolls eat _anything_, Elves have wood for bones, and Broos—let's not speak of them. One could make this an interesting travelogue.

She does want to get back to Sunnydale, however, and she learns of Heroquesting, where one follows the myths of the Gods in the Hero Plane to try to get Godly benefits. One might be the power to go home.

One could choose different times and destinations instead. She could end up at Third Age Pavis and the Puzzle Canal, the Eternal Battle in Prax, or a strange chaotic experiment by the mages supporting the Red Emperor.

Meanwhile, Buffy, Dawn, Xander, and Giles all want to recover Willow. Dawn, as the Key, actually has the power to open a connection to Glorantha; they could go there and try to track her down. And finally, Xander could learn some magic.

I don't see any crossovers with this particular RPG; it would deserve its own subcategory in the Fantasy Game section.
Challenge Date13 Sep 13
Last Updated13 Sep 13

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