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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuerbranz
Challenge NameTrickster's Dice
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings
DescriptionAlright people! Cannon says that the Halloween spell was intended to turn the wearers into their costumes, then change them back with minor memories.

But this is the god of Chaos we're talking about, so why would it go as even Ethan intends it to?

Before the spell was broken blood from a character of your choice was spilled on the bust, and we all know the importance of Sacrifice in Magic right?

As a result of this sacrifice Janus tosses the dice, giving any item or person a 50/50 chance of turning back, be it keeping a new body, technology, various items, only one or the summoned personality switching places or even merging with the unfortunate wearer.

You could even show how being in the body of a Sunnydaler with memories of reading their own story changes things.

Right then, on to the Rules:

1).nothing too dark, ya know the heroes win, even if its really violent, cant stand those creepy ones where evil wins and things go to hell with all the despair and ends on that note. Its fine if its Grey Xander or the gang though.

2).No Yaoi, nothing against it but i personally cant stand it.

3).Feel free to use as many or as few items or characters as you like, and above all have fun.

Challenge Date14 Sep 13
Last Updated2 Mar 14

Challenge Responses

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