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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerSirena
Challenge NameIt's An Animal Thing
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Movies > Pitch Black Series
DescriptionSo fellow readers having just seen the new Riddick movie I propose a challenge for all you rare pair lovers and people who just plain love to read something different.

Buffy will have to accept the true force of the Slayer in this fic. In all the season's I saw she never really truly started to accept all it meant as a Slayer until the confrontation with the Shadow Men and even when she could have sorely used an extra power boost in my opinion she never used it and she was never really allowed to lead and accept all of the Slayer. So I would like to see that happen, take as many chapters as you like to help her find acceptance but no one shots please. As for how Riddick comes into play with this fic I leave it up to you and your own creative genius to decide, you don't have to use a specific movie for any of the scenarios or even only one movie. Play with it however you like but there are a few rules:

1) Only required pairing that I ask is Buffy/Riddick-now you can keep it just Buffy/Riddick or you can make it a threesome or more-some but I require that those two be either the main pairing or a part of the main pairing (in all honesty the kinkier the better in my opinion)

2) The first part of the fic must have Buffy in the Riddick verse somewhere-a few suggestions would be her stranded on the desert planet in Pitch Black and somehow either running into the crew or Riddick/ she could be on New Mecca or in Crematoria in The Chronicles of Riddick/ she could be Santana's prisoner and wasn't shot when released or a member of one of the crews to respond if you've seen the new Riddick (just a few suggestions and none of them you have to use)

Other than that everything is free game, you can end the fic however you like and its all yours to direct and play with to your hearts content. Happy writing :D
Challenge Date15 Sep 13
Last Updated22 Oct 13

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