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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerInquisitorNess
Challenge NamePlaying Games with the Hellmouth
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > General > Theme: Halloween
DescriptionWe all know the standard Halloween fic. Our favorite chaos mage decides to spread some chaos by putting a little 'something extra' into the costumes he sells, thereby catching Buffy and friends up into the chaos of Halloween. But what if those costumes were characters from games?

Janus will be pleased. The Powers That Be will not. And anything that displeases the PTB can't be all that bad. Right?


1. You may use any game from any franchise, but bonus points will go to ones that have already come out by October 1997. Use the '[Year] in gaming' pages on Wikipedia for assistance. The only restriction is that it must be a game.
2. Bonus points will go towards catching as many people in the spell as possible. Yes. Even Principal Snyder. *snicker*
3. Retention of powers and abilities are a must. After all, we can't smash the plans of the PTB if everything goes back to normal, can we?
4. The aftermath must be explored. Maybe a character managed to stay behind because of Hellmouth shenanigans? How does the mix of different powers and abilities affect Sunnydale and the world at large? How do the various heroes and villains interact with the world they now find themselves in?
5. Include Dawn in the fun and games.
6. My challenge will honor this year's Halloween, so don't wait! Write the best you can write!
7. Don't forget to have fun!


The following game franchises will gain bonus points if used, but any game within the rules may be acceptable:

Earthbound (In honor of the fact that it's now on Wii U, anyone who writes this will get an entire internet cake that's not a lie. As Earthbound 64 was in production at the time, Mother 3 characters may be used.)
Chrono Trigger
Pokemon (just came out in Japan, so the first 151 Pokemon are to be used in the initial chaos. The others may come later in your fic.)
Star Ocean (the first game has come out in Japan. It's a bit of a Star Trek expy.)
Star Wars (of course!)
Legend of Zelda
Super Metroid
Donkey Kong
Super Mario
Sonic (Bonus points if Mario and Sonic fight at some point)
Final Fantasy (up to VII)
Disney games (may or may not tie into Kingdom Hearts later on in your fic.)
Warhammer 40K

Major bonus points if more than one franchise is included. Actually, include as many franchises as possible! The more chaos, the better!

The obligatory Stargate crossover is definitely a plus, though not necessary. That said, having Ness or Mario put the pain on Goa'uld is always fun. Fun fact: Stargate had a game for the SNES back in '95, so that might work.

Yes. I'm a full-blown gamer geek. Why do you ask?
Challenge Date16 Sep 13
Last Updated19 Sep 13

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