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Challenge Issuer(Current Donor)vidicon
Challenge NameA Demon on the Internet
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Other BtVS/AtS Characters
DescriptionIn I, Robot... You, Jane, Moloch spends a considerable time loose in the internet, as mentioned by Jenny Calendar.

What I would like to see is how his actions affected the outside world, beyond Sunnydale, that we do not hear about. The world is run by computers after all. How high did the Defcon go? What happened to the Stock Exchange? Who was bribed, who was blackmailed, what was leaked? And what happens when suddenly, this being who offers so many things disappears again? Or maybe... he made a backup somewhere? And bides his time and suddenly, up in the sky, a massive starship appears?

Possible crossovers include anything that uses computers
- Stargate
- NCIS (any/all versions)
- Criminal Minds
- Law and Order
- Whatever takes your fancy
- The West Wing

What happens may be big, or small world shattering or personally embarrassing. Hermione Granger demonstrating how to use computers at Hogwarts and unleashing Moloch into the Wards, Reid being seduced to eivl a few seasons early, criminals escaping because reprots aren't filed and evidence deleted etcetera.

I have no time to write this but find the idea interesting. Any length, drabble to multiple chapters, serious or light.
Challenge Date16 Sep 13
Last Updated16 Sep 13

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