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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerDragonhulk
Challenge NameThe colors of the Rainbow challenge
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category DC Universe > Green Lantern
DescriptionOkay in DC they are changing Green Lantern once again. In this new change they seem to say that green is the color of will power and yellow is the color of fear. This got me thinking of what some other colors could represent.

So here is the challenge, someone from Buffy or Angel gets an item that works like a Green Lantern ring using colors other than green.

Must have
1. An item that works like a GL ring a battery using something other than willpower. This item must have two parts to it, a battery, and a focal point. You can use a ring and lantern but I would suggest being creative.

2. You must explain the emotion/personality trait the color represents, and how the character you have chosen is connected to it. An example would be that a vampire inspires fear in others so they would be a good choice for yellow even though they aren’t often afraid themselves.

3. A meeting with a Green Lantern, or Jen because she has Green Lantern powers. If you go silver age you can make an original character and just say that he/she/it is from the corps.

4. A crossover paring of some kind. I would discourage against non cannon slash but won’t stop you if you with to write it.

5. The words “Tights are a good thing.”

6. A male character drooling over a superhero and his significant other taking out his frustrations on him.

Must not have
1. The person becoming omnipotent.

2. Spike as a good guy. This isn’t because I dislike Spike, I simply like him better when he is evil, or evil forced to be good in S5. If you must write a Spike centric story make him an anti hero at best.
Challenge Date2 Feb 05
Last Updated16 Jan 10

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