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Challenge IssuerSixPerfections
Challenge NameFaith Goes Marvel
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Marvel Universe > General
DescriptionI've read plenty of stories where Xander or Buffy somehow end up in the Marvel Universe and end up fighting for the good guys. They are essentially already 'good guys' or 'heroes' when they get there. I think it would be far more interesting to send Faith at her most disturbed to the Marvel Universe and go from the real bad place she is in to becoming a bonafide hero.

The story should contain all of the following:

1) Faith is rescued/taken in/captured by a super hero group shortly after arriving to the Marvel Universe (this group can be The Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-men, etc).

2) When Faith arrives she is in a bad place with all her rage, confusion, violent outbursts and/or self loathing. Her mental state should be anywhere from after she kills the Deputy Mayor to before AtS episode 'Sanctuary' when someone finally gets through to her.

3) Faith should end up having one or more mentor(s) who are important in teaching her how to get through what she is going through and what it means to be a hero. At some point the mentor should have to literally beat Faith in a fight so they can get through to her.

4) Faith at some point puts herself in an awkward position with her overt sexuality.

5) Faith gains at least one good friend of the non-sexual variety (as in they don't boink but knowing Faith she'd still probably flirt like crazy).

Anything else is up to you.
Challenge Date23 Sep 13
Last Updated23 Sep 13

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