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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuer(Past Donor)ridert
Challenge NameDr. Granger AKA Alexander L. Harris
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Harry Potter
DescriptionOK, simple idea here Hermione Grangers parent are not exactly who she tells everyone they are, they are in fact one Alexander Harris and some female of the writers choice though my personal preference would be for one of the girl Scoobies. The whole my parents are dentists thing is just a cover story as they are concerned that some Wizards might come after her even more than the usual "supposed" muggle born if they new she was connected in any way to the Council and Slayers.
One of the results of Hermione's parents being who they are is her knowing a great deal more about the Wizarding World and the supernatural in general than anyone realizes when she starts Hogwarts.
It should be obvious that time lines will have to be adjusted but I personally see nothing wrong with that.

If you don't want to use one of the female Scoobs for Hermione's mom then I do have a few alternate suggestions but as stated before it's up to the writer. Ideas include Lara Croft, Sir Integra Helsing (maybe done initially as a way to merge the new council and the Helsing group at the urging of the Queen), Princess Diana of Themyscera, Lydia Deetz(just imagine a Hermione who grew up Knowing Beetle Juice), Marilyn Munster, or Wednesday Addams just to name a few possibilities.

I would prefer a multi chapter story of reasonably lengthy chapters but if you want to throw a few moderately long one-shots out there using different possible pairings for Xander go for it.

few simple rules
1: I am not a huge fan of character bashing so please keep it to a minimum
2: If Hermione's parents relationship is non traditional I/E a three or more some then at least one of the Women must be a Scooby Preferably but not necessarily Dawn, Faith, Or Willow and Tara "ABSOLUTELY NO KENNEDY". with Hermione having only one bio-mom though the other(s) can magically adopt her if you want.
3: Please nothing to Dark or Violent

would like to but don't have to see
A fair bit of Humor

The 'Grangers' some how convincing or if necessary forcing Dumbledore to let them take in Harry as a foster or ward of the council after first year.

if the angel crew is included please leave out Illyria and keep Fred as well Fred

Most of all have fun with it.
Challenge Date23 Sep 13
Last Updated23 Sep 13

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