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Challenge Issuerremovedauthor
Challenge NameThe Mind gets a Second Chance
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Stargate
DescriptionThis is a two part challenge each part could be it's own challenge or you can do both parts. Part #1:During the Halloween episode on Buffy the Vampire slayer people became their costume. So here is my challenge: What would happen if the costume they dressed as was real in a different reality/dimension and the mind of the costume went back home but sooner than they left with all of their memories from thier mind in the futcure?:

Challenge Rules:


Willow dressed as Samantha Carter

Xander dressed as Jonathan J. O'Neill

When the spell ended both Carter's and Jack's mind went back to their bodies but earlier in the time-line than they were in. Jack and Carter's minds were in their bodies of themselves of after they defeated the Ori and the Wraith. To back in their bodies from when they first met right as they shook hands in the briefing room when they first met when they shook hands.

The rest is optional: #1:Jack and Sam keep the skills and memories of Xander and Willow.

#2: They open up their own business and use their future tech. knowledge to get rich and/or help/protect Earth.

#3: Use their future knowledge to save the To'kra Queen and/or other races from dieing.

#4: Make their own ships sooner and/or better and use it/them for their own gains. Example: Make their own ship equipped with replicator disruptor and go to the Asuran replicators home world and destroy them.

#5: Jack and Sam get together.

#6: Jack and/or Sam have more than one significant other at a time.

#7: Jack and/or Sam make a harem.

#8: Jack and/or Sam become hosts to To'kra example: Sam becomes Egeria's host.

#9: Jack and Sam get married and/or have kids.

#10: It crosses over with other realities.
Challenge Date24 Sep 13
Last Updated10 Oct 13

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