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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerOddshot
Challenge NameSub-Challenge SoTL
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Star Trek > Enterprise
DescriptionRules : As per Ship of the Line Challenge

Requirements :

a) Xander wins 1 or more bets, So gets to pick costumes & characters for Scooby gang , Cordy’s crew.

b) The only group of costumes to meet the numbers needed are from Star Trek Enterprise TV series this includes a mix of props as well from ST Ent.{ Plasma - Phaser Pistols & Rifles / Communicators etc }

c) Ethan also throws in a box of odd ST items [ wigs / make-up /Vulcan ears / Klingon heads etc from all 5 Series]

d) As well you could save and move characters that did die in there series such as Tasha Yar STnG or Jazia Dax ST Ds9 , or could have died in Alt - Uni series such as B’elanna Torres may have died in Ep: Dreadnought etc .

NOTE: Star Trek NG started 5-6 years early in BtVS Universe both Ds9 & Voyager started during season 6 StNg and Run concurrently - Star Trek Enterprise S1 starts 1995 so BtVS Universe has seen Seasons 1-2 on TV , S3 soon or just on air .( I live in Australia so I do not know US TV Show season running dates )

So now have fun writing a story { I look forward to reading your submissions }

Challenge Date24 Sep 13
Last Updated24 Sep 13

Challenge Responses

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