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Challenge Issuerremovedauthor
Challenge NameThe Cult of Xander
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Stargate > Xander-Centered
DescriptionBack Story: At some point after the episode Graduation Day, Part Two (be it right after or not it's up to you) Xander leaves Sunny-Dale (be it temporary or just on a vacation away from the Hellmouth) he runs across the cult of Seth (SG-1 Season 3, episode 2). And falls under Seth's drug. Be it later or soon after Seth treys to take Xander's body as a host but for some reason or another Xander becomes the domant and Seth the slave with Xander getting all the perks and none of the down sides of being a host.

Now here are the rules:
#1:Xander has to to meet the cult before the time SG-1 met him in the show. Has to be at least a year before. Optional: Xander can met the cult even sooner than that.
#2: Xander has to be the leader of the cult. If the cult spreads xander will be the overall leader of hie cult. Example: A preacher is the head of the local church while the Pope is the leader of the overall religion. In essences Xander will be the Pope of his cult. (I do not mean to insult any religious beliefs so if I do I apologist!)

Everything is optional below this they are just a list of things that I think would go with a story going off this challenge:
#1:Design your own cult. Example sex cult or a healing cult that gos around healing people or a magic cult that uses magic to make money and help people or a militaristic cult or a scientific cult that researches and invents tech and cures for illnesses or a combo of the cult types that are listed.
#2:Have Xander have multiple spouses be male and/or female at the same time.
#3:Have Xander have a harem be it male or female or a combo of the two.
#4:Have Xander recruit/brainwash people/friends from Sunny-dale.
#5:Have Xander spread his cult further than just were he lives.
#6: Xander takes over or buys his own country be it a big one one or a small one. Say in Africa or somewhere in the middle-east or an island.
#7: Xander builds his own town or compound for his cult or some other reason.
#8: Xander at one point or another leaves Earth be with his cult or not and starts his cult on another planet or spreads his cult around the planet he took his cult to.
Challenge Date26 Sep 13
Last Updated26 Sep 13

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