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Challenge Issuerremovedauthor
Challenge NameXander the Replicator
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween Memories
DescriptionBack story: During the episode "Helpless" while Xander and Buffy are on a school field-trip for geology class they go into a cave but run into a monster. They beat it up and run with Xander carrying Buffy. Because both him and her got injured during the fight. Buffy out-cold, what looks like a broken arm and leg and a head wound. While Xander has a sprained or broken wrist and a cut up arm that's bleeding. As Xander carries Buffy away from the monster he falls through a whole that was hidden in a shadow on the floor. When Xander wakes up he finds he and Buffy are at the bottom of a tunnel so deep he cant make out the ceiling with his flashlight he still some how still had it. He looked around and saw he was in some kind of ruin. As he walked but staying close to Buffy he found bed that looked like it belonged in a hospital and another one next to it yet collapsed to the floor. As he went to turn around he slipped on something on the floor and smacked his head on the collapsed bed. He rolled over and felt his head he brought his hand away to see it had blood on it. As he started to fade in and out he saw the bed he was on partially light up and shoot out sparks every so often. As he as he was about to completely pass out from blood-loss and the pain he said. "Sorry Buffy, I couldn't get us out of here." Then as he was closing his eyes he saw sheet of gray coming towards him. If you want a image think of Jason-X as he falls on to the medical bed, but in this case the bed is already collapsed.

Rules of the challenge: #1: Xander gains powers your choice on what those are.
#2: Xander knows how to work the tech. after he is healed by the sheet of gray (Nano-bots/mini-Replicators)
#3: Xander either heals Buffy with the working one or the one he used.
#4: Xander makes other people like himself with the tech.

Everything ells is up to you. Be it Xander starts his own business or moves to some other town/city/state/country/planet or etc etc. Be it he starts his own harem. Builds his own house/compound/underwater-compound/underground-compound/flying-compound/city/country

A.N.#1: Nano-bots/mini-replicators are what human-form replicator are made out of.
A.N.#2: Recommended reading for ideas for writing for this challenge:
Xander Harris and the will of Janus:
Challenge Date27 Sep 13
Last Updated10 Oct 13

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