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Challenge Details

Challenge Issuerremovedauthor
Challenge NameTriniumMan
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Marvel Universe > Surprise Crossover
DescriptionBack story: Xander is running away from some bullies and crawls under a chain link fence that has a big warning sign on it. Not looking were he is going Xander he accidentally falls into an experimental particle accelerator that molecularly binds him with metal particles, giving him shape-shifting metal abilities.

Challenge rules: #1: This is not a crossover fic with D.C. or Marvel. The main crossover will be Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover with Stargate.

#2:Xander will be smart.

#3:Xander will have the accident before he gos to high school.

#4:Xander will at one point go of planet. Be it with SG-1 or through some other means.

#5:Xander can still get female/s of any race pregnant.

Powers and Abilities:

#1:Body Conversion- Metal: The TriniumMan possesses the superhuman ability to convert his body into metal by mental command. The metal functions identically to, and appears to be, normal flesh. However, he can convert all or parts of his body into animated metal at will. His brain has attained subliminal awareness of all granulated particles of his body. Through conscious effort, he can affect the degree of molecular cohesion between the numerous adjoining surfaces of his particles and thus cause locomotion of discrete volumes, down to the individual dust particles.

#2:Superhuman Strength: As a consequence of having a body composed of animated metal, the TriniumMan possesses phenomenal superhuman strength, able to lift up to 85 tons under optimal conditions.

#3:Density Control: His radically mutagenically altered body composition and increased density enable him to compact or loosen the particles of metal that make up his form. Consequently, the TriniumMan can become as hard as titanium, or disperse his body so that he becomes invulnerable to physical attack.

#4:Shape-shifting: He can shape his metal-state body into any continuous shape he can imagine, including his forearms into weapons like hammers, spiked maces, and large fists, stretching, elongating, deforming, expanding, flattening, or compressing all or, phase through small openings, etc.

#5:Metal Blasts: He can project his metal particles outward at high speeds and, when in the shape of a bulky object, with the impact of a large safe.

#6:Reformation: The TriniumMan maintains mental control of the particles of which his body is composed so that he can reform his scattered metal-particles unless a substantial portion of his body mass has been isolated.

#7:Metal Conversion: Apparently, he can also convert common particles of metal-dust around him into constituents of his body to replenish portions he might lose track of during battle. In this manner, he can increase his overall size and volume (to some as yet unknown limit), or that of his limbs. There is no limit to how long the TriniumMan can remain in his metal-state. If he were to be rendered unconscious while in his metal-state, he would remain in that state, although the relaxing of his control over his particles would cause him to become an amorphous pile of metal dust. The TriniumMan's mind continues to function in astral form even when he has turned his head into sand and even when the particles of metal that composed his brain are widely scattered.
A.N.: You can add other abilities if you want but he has to have the abilities above.
Challenge Date2 Oct 13
Last Updated9 Oct 13

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