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Challenge IssuerKasyblack
Challenge NameYAHF Loki
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings
DescriptionSeveral Sunnydailians go as different versions of Loki on Halloween.

At least one of them is a mythical never-seen in comix AlwaysGoodGuy!Loki.

Lokis are from alternative Marvel timelines and verses, and actual mythology, fanfiction, some other fandoms, OC versions of Loki, meaning there are frost giant Loki, fire giant Loki, Lokitty, Kid Loki (either gender is fine), Gabriel!Loki, ReversedUniverse!Loki(however you wish to take it), Lady Loki (Cordy); Xander is one too, and Larry too (either for the hilariousness of his repressed crush on Xander after he becomes unrepressed, especially if Xander is not affected by said de-pruding, or just for lulz - or angst at his previous Thor-likeness). I'd also like at least one of the hosts - or Lokis have a psychology degree and practical experience to help his 'comrades' deal with memories, magic and self-control issues, not to mention whatever emotional baggage they were saddled with.

Some mental breakdowns of nearly Apocaliptic proportions are probably in order.

The host personality is dominant in all cases. But some things, like the Chronic Backstabbing Disorder just seem to bleed over as it quite fits the callousness of even best of teens. Though it would be funnier if only about half of Lokis suffer from it, and other half does not seem to, always leaving everyone guessing.

I'd prefer if there were twelve of them (just so they could kidnap Loki of their verse(or a neigbouring one), Stockholm him to their cause, and create a superhero team called Devil's Dozen (or something similar). There might be more of them, but Loki's always good at subtrefuge.
On the other hand, there could be less Lokis initially, but their numbers start raising as they expore neigboring universes and meet up with Lokies there.

They leave doubles in their place in SunnyD, have some crazy Slider-like adventures and get lost in Multiverse several times.
They also end up time travelling, having some mystical pregnancies, creating several good and evil civilizations (by affecting them early in the past of the parallel dimensions), raising their own parents (both host's and Odin/Frigga/Laufey), starting trading companies, totally ruining several cannon worlds, seeing miraculous marvels and horrors of Lovecraftian scale, starting multiworldly Prankster Union and generaly having fun.

Afterwards, they band together to fight evil.
Sometimes, at least.
Backstabbing them when they least expect it has to count, right?

Willow is not Loki.
Buffy is not Loki.
Snyder ought to be Loki. if only for them to have enemy early on.
Giles is probably not Loki, though it might be fun if he was.
Dawn might be one, though. At least she's got her magic's colors right. Not to mention that Loki's world-traversing abilities seem similar to that of the Key.
Or she can just be a XanderLoki enthusiast.
Challenge Date5 Oct 13
Last Updated5 Oct 13

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