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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerAlexanderMcpherson
Challenge NameThe Search For Insert Parent Here
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings
DescriptionAny Crossover Allowed (although I'm thinking of a certain female character from Avengers and Agents of Shield right now, and Xander)

Pre-show AU.

The Challenge: One of the scoobies' parents is missing, has been for a long time, and not due to typical supernatural reasons either. Before finding out about vampires, he/she was pretty focussed on looking for him/her/them, but without the means, was still stuck in sunnydale, and attending sunnydale high. Then, in the summer when Buffy went to stay with her dad (or not if it is buffy with the 'missing parent'), they finally left sunnydale to search... but nothing came of it, even if he/she/they did have some adventures. (Prequel!)
No. It was incidents back home that finally led their parent(s) back to them. And learning about their parent's job, they kind of can't fault them.

Note: this is what i'm thinking of:

For years, Xander searched for his mother. Yeah, he never left sunnydale but with motivation, he learned from Willow how to use the computer (once that became a thing)
When Buffy was away with her dad, and Willow was spending rare time with her own parents somewhere, Giles even decided to help him track down leads by physically leaving town, going to places like New York (and bloody hell that green monster thing was a shocker to the system! Although the guy who was beneath the green was a pretty swell guy once that transformation somehow shifted his human form and he no longer looked like an anorexic druggie)
But alas, they returned with nothing to show for it except some leads confirmed dead. But then, Xander gained the first clue there was more to his missing mom than her just having ran away, because the person he dressed as that halloween knew someone who looked much like she would now... if she kept fit of course. Although the resemblance was not so easy to spot at first given how she used to look all the time because of Tony, his dad. And the icing on the cake was when she was brought to Sunnydale, because he'd gotten some enhancement from a Captain America Derivative designed to produce award-winning swimmers.

No, the icing on the cake was the double slap from both his mom and his girlfriend for that term referring to his ability to procreate given his girlfriend will be getting a bit of a bump over the next nine months...

The reunion was bittersweet in other ways too, as it was meeting him that triggered a return of memories for his mom, she couldn't remember him at all prior. Finding out she was leaving again too, as this was a mission added to it. But hey, when your mom is the Assistant Director for a group as large as SHIELD is, it's to be expected that she'll be too busy to stick around... and though it would put a target on his back, he decided to just take her name instead of that asshole called a sperm donor.

He likes it, although it'll take some getting used to being referred to as Xander Hill.
Challenge Date7 Oct 13
Last Updated7 Oct 13

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