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Challenge Issuerremovedauthor
Challenge NameA Mad-Scientists' Dream
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings
DescriptionBack Story: Harry is walking home when he sees movement out of the corner of his eye. But before he can turn around he feels a stinging pain in his next and passes out. When he wakes up he notices that he is strapped to what looks like a steel bed like you world find in the morgue. As he looks around he sees medical equipment which are all attached to him be it a by a tube or a censer of some king stuck to one part of his body or another. Beyond that he can see what looks like different parts to different animals ans even some he didn't recognize with a metal counter going around three of the walls that made up the room with a upturned lip on it's edged. Having spent quite a few hours in a library reading. Turning at the sound of a door opening. He sees the only door leading into the room opening and a lady in a white lab coat ,with splashes of different color stuff on it, pushing a metal cart with more equipment on top of it. As the lady get closer he could see what equipment was on the cart. A few veils filled with different colored substances in each one. Next to those was what looked like a gold glove with a red jewel in the top of it. A few sharp knives of differing sizes, and last were a few a few needles. All while Harry was looking at what was on the cart the women had gotten up to the side of the bed and had picked up one of the needles. Then used the needle to take some substance out of one of the veils. This is when Harry looked up to see her bring the needle down and pock it in to his arm. As he started to pass out he hared her say. "You should make an interesting experiment." Then he passed out.

-A undetermined time later-
The Harry was being held and experimented on was a mess. In a flash of light a being appeared next to the metal table Harry was strapped to. The being's face and appearance is constantly changing from one second to the next. As it looks around a grin that would split any mortal beings face appears on it's ever changing face as he looks around at what has become of the room and equipment. Looking at the only entrance that lead in to the room and says. "This should cause alot a chaos. I'm glad I got the dear Doctor to use those viruses from those other realities. It should cause untold chaos. Just how I like it." And with that the being vanished in another flash of light leaving behind in it's place a two faced bust of Janus the god of Chaos.

Plot Points:-Has to be Harry before he turns eleven

-Harry is smart

-Harry will mutate/evolve because of the virus/es and become a new race.

-Harry will have to learn how to use and develop his abilities.

-This is recommended to crossover with Stargate.

-Harry can get new D.N.A. by contact with any biological material by touch (5 sec. needed to get D.N.A.).

-Harry can mate with other races and have offspring. His offspring will have the same Virus he has.

-Through mating Harry can make others like himself and with close family Harry can choose to make them like him.

-Harry is infected with the Hyper – Evolutionary Virus

-The other viruses are up to you. Needs to be at least one more.

Examples Include: Blacklight-Virus(Prototype); Forced Evolutionary Virus(Fallout); X Parasite(Metroid Fusion); Borg Nannites, Transmode Virus (X-men); Unnamed Experimental Virus that infected Albert Wekser (Resident Evil); Quantum Vapor(Staticshock), Hyper Evolutionary Virus (Star Craft); Luck Virus, Cool Virus, & Sexy Virus (Red Dwarf), A virulent form of vampirism (Blade), or werewolf virus (Pick your fiction), Tyrranids, Orks(WarHammer 40K), Slivers(Magic: The Gathering), parasites like the Ripley (Steven King's Dream-Catcher), Alien parasite(Alien movies), etc. If you can come down with it or it reproduces really fast and can live in you it probably belongs here.

A.N.:Other crossovers recommended preferred Sci-Fi crossovers but wouldn't pass up an offer of somebody crossing it over with a fantasy universe. Example: Use the Quantum mirror or some other way crossing it over with another universe/reality or Have the Powers That Be transport Xander to a different reality/universe to stop him from messing up their plans. Examples: Stargate, Star wars, Alien, Predator, Masseffect, Prototype, Halo, Warhammer 40K, Andromeda, Ben Ten, Star Trek, Babylon-5, Robotech, Macross, Smallville, Marvel, D.C., Lost in Space, X-files, Pokemon, The Hobbit, D&D, Book series, etc etc.
Challenge Date8 Oct 13
Last Updated12 Oct 13

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