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Challenge Issuerremovedauthor
Challenge NameWoW Won't Know What Hit'em
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games > Fantasy > Warcraft
DescriptionBack story: Just as the Halloween spell ends and Xander realizes his costume is still real. A being appears in from of him in a trench coat and a Feodora. The being says in a Brooklyn ascent "Hello Xander my name is Whistle. I am what you would call The Powers That Be's' mouth piece, the beings that you mortals call higher powers, any way I'm here to let you know that they didn't like you messing up their plans of having saved Buffy when they wanted her to die from her fight with the Master. So here's the deal kid they can see into the future and they see if you stay in this reality you will mess up their plans even more that you have already with the lasting effects from the chaos spell. So I've been set here been sent here to take you to a different reality were you wont be able to mess with their plans for this reality." With he and Xander disappeared in a flash of light.

-Somewhere-some when-in the WoW universe-
In a flash of light Whistle and Xander appear. Whistle turns to Xander and says. "This world is has two main faction that are fighting against each other, The Horde and The Alliance, each faction has six different races. Now here is the only help the Powers are going to give you. You can transform or shift back and forth into one of the other races' form at will and the form you have now. You will have all their race's inherent skills and will still retain the knowledge, equipment, skills, abilities, and memories you gained from the chaos spell. If have any questions about each faction and race here is a book that gives a summary about each faction and race and the skills of each race. To choose the race you want to pick just place your hand on the race and say it's name out loud. Time will stand still till you make your choice." And with that an a flash of light later Xander was standing their alone and staring at the book in his hands.

Plot points:-Xander's costume is one of the following. It is up to you to choose which one he dressed up as.:1)Master Chief (Halo game series) 2)Shepered (MassEffect game series) 3)Alex Mercer (Prototype game series) 4)IronMan (IronMan: Armored Adventures) 5) The Black Panther (MARVEL Database)
-Xander can pick any of the professions and classes.
-The time line for WoW will be the same as the WoW computer game.
-He has to appear in the starting area of the race he picks.
Challenge Date10 Oct 13
Last Updated10 Oct 13

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