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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuerremovedauthor
Challenge NameEmperor Xander Kerrigan Ruler of the Zerg
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
DescriptionBack story: As Xander walked around the inside the new costume shop, Ethan's, he thinks to himself. "What can I dress as that with help restore my man cred with the guys at school. Thanks to Buffy rescuing me from that fight. I have to gos as something really manly." As he finishes his train of thought he sees some body paint and walks up to it and thinks. "If I remember right I could use these colors and make myself look like Kerrigan from StarCraft, but amale one of course I don't want my man cred taking any more its thank you very much." With that last thought he walked up to the counter and as payed for it. While buying his face paint he mentions Giles's name when the shop owner here this he offers to give him some extra body paint to give his old friend a scare. Xander excepts the the extra paint the owner brought out from the back then went home and put on the paint.

-undetermined time later-
Xander looked around and said aloud. "The last thing I remembered was going to sleep. I wonder were this place is?" As he thought aloud he looked around and could tell he was in some kind of building and it only had one ex... As he was about through the only exit to the room a being appeared in a flash of light off to his left. It looked like humane wearing a brown trench coat and a fedora. The only thing that he could tell that he was not humane was because his skin was the color of a gravestone. As he was about to ask who the being was and were he was the being be him to it. "The name is Whistle and I'm what is called a balance. as the name suggest I'm I help keep the balance of good and evil. Now here is were you come in my bosses, The Powers That Be or higher powers as you mortals have called them, have seen in to the future timelines and saw that if you were left in your reality you would have caused the power and balance to shift to much. So they had me move you to a different part of the multi-vers so that you could still help but not cause such a disruption. Now their some lasting effects from the Halloween spell your body is now permanently changed to what you dressed up as during Halloween, but no matter how much your body changes you with always retain your humanity. Now here is a data pad it will give you a summary of the history of this galaxy and the faction that are trying to take it over be it for peace or war or even somewhere in between. I up to you to choose who to support or even if you start your own faction. Now with that last bit of info I bid you good by."

Plot Points:
-Xander has all the memories on how to control is abilities and how to use them.
-Xadner can make creep by gathering organic material and every other Zerg from gathered organic material.
-Xander can make new Zerg by obtaining new organic material.
-Xander can upgrade himself as well as the Zerg he can build.
-Xander can have offspring with females of other races. The offspring will be like him with the mothers D.N.A. as well. While the female is pregnant she will slowly be turned into the same kind of Zerg Xander is.
-here is a list of possible planets that Xander is at: A) On Dantooine or the cavers on Korriban (Star Wars)
B) P3X-888 planet in "The First Ones" (SG-1 Season 4, episode, 8) or planet in "The Defiant One" (Stargate Atlantis Season 1, episode 12)
C) Xenon or Pyros (Ben Ten)
D) Pegasi Delta or Te (Halo Nation)
E) Kakabel or Tuchanka (Mass Effect)
F) Planet in episode "Basics, Part I" (Star Trek: Voyager) or the planet in episode "Hippocratic Oath" (Star Trek Deep Space Nine)
G) Tyran or Armageddon (Warhammer 40K)
H) The Searing Gorge or Northrend (WoW),_Part_I_%28episode%29
Challenge Date10 Oct 13
Last Updated12 Oct 13

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