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Challenge IssuerHieiUchiha
Challenge NameThe Paladin and The Paragon/Renegade:Kickin' Ass and Taking Names in Mass Effect!
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween
DescriptionAs a fan of the Mass Effect series and multiple crossover stories, I offer up this challenge for your consideration and possible entertainment. It begins with a Halloween scenario where Xander does not get his rifle, but with a bit of haggling/work and the help of one or more pieces from the bargain bin from Ethan's is able to form a costume, building the identity/alter ego Paladin, a legendary demon hunter. At the end of Halloween he would keep whatever skills/enhancements/memories the costume gave him which he would then seek to either overtly or covertly aid the Scooby Gang, author's choice of course. Around The Zeppo Episode, through whatever means the author wishes, Xander helps save the day, dealing with Jack O'Tool and his bomb, he may or may not hook up with Faith, but in the end he does help with the Sisterhood of Jhe, who in their success open the Hellmouth and while dealing with it, ends up getting sucked into the vortex...And ends up in the Mass Effect Universe. He ends up sometime before the events of Mass Effect 1 come into play, how early would be up to the author, but obviously enough time so that Xander can acclimate himself to this strange, new alien-filled universe. He will make friends, kill bad guys, crack corny jokes and hopefully aid Shepard and company stop the oncoming robot apocalypse!

Some Helpful Ideas/Guidelines(That anyone would do this challenge would be an amazing thing in and of itself, so these are only meant to help and are in no way an explicit order or demand from me.):

1.Super heroes are fine to use as costume pieces, but I would ask perhaps a tone-down initially of powers:If Xander incorporated Superman/Superboy in some way and became partially/fully Kryptonian, I would perhaps ask that his powers would start out lower level and he would have to build and train them up. Super heroes with constructs would perhaps be a better choice or lower power scaled heroes/characters might suit better, particularly if an author plans to cross several characters for Xander's Paladin costume. Helpful examples would include:

a). Wesley Gibson/The Killer from Wanted movie/graphic novel franchise
b). John Preston from Equilibrium
c). Any Chow Yun Fat from a John Woo film
d). Grifter from WildCats/Image/TopCow/Wildstorm/etc. (Though he technically classifies as a psionic/mutant with enhanced physical abilities and awesome psionic potential, much of his skill and combat abilities were trained and he rarely used/had access to his psionics)
e.) Jason Todd/Red Hood from Batman/DC
f.) Richard Rider/Nova from Marvel(I like the character, plus if you take away the Nova Force, he is just a human, plus Biotics and Biotic Tech have the possibility of countering/nerfing the Nova Force)
g.) Adam/Methos from The Highlander series
h.) Judge Dredd
i.) Jason Bourne from The Bourne Series books/movies
k.) Tony Stark/Iron Man(Again, extremely powerful, but if you take the suit, Tony's still just a human...But again,Xander with Stark's knowledge and skill in the Mass Effect universe with access to Mass Effect Tech...-smiles serenely- And considering that if you actually the Mass Effect tech specifications, Hard suit technology is in many ways powered armor anyways!)

...Still these are only suggestions, authors are free to do what they will.

2. Would prefer Xander taking this trip alone.

3. If there are any pairings in the story, I would request that Xander have a human female pairing only. Again, just me asking, but considering his past dating/love life in the series up to this point(Ampata, the demon bug teacher), as attractive an asari might be, I really don't see him just jumping into bed with the alien space girl population...Now a female Shepard, Miranda Lawson, Kasumi Goto or Ashley Williams on the other hand...And Xander with a harem, whoo boy, lol.

...Other than those points, have at. I would perhaps like to see Xander getting home one day, but not before he goes through all 3 games and hopefully helps Shepard come up with an ending that does not destroy the relay network, turns everyone into cyborgs or some other such nonsense...And hopefully if someone loves this idea enough and wants to write it, we get to see the sequel of Xander coming home with his lady(or ladies) and taking up the demonic fight once more, and perhaps an alien threat from our favorite space exploration team SG-1!

Hope you enjoyed this challenge and I can only hope that I get to see someone respond to it! Take care!
Challenge Date11 Nov 13
Last Updated11 Nov 13

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